Distribution and storage improvements
Estimated cost
$102.7 million
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Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Channel of water running through a dirt paddock.

Connections pathway projects enable quick delivery of targeted water infrastructure projects to bring more immediate benefits to Australia’s regional communities.

Project overview

The National Water Grid Connections Pathway enables the quick delivery of targeted water infrastructure projects. As a result, bringing immediate benefits to Australia’s regional communities.

Small-scale infrastructure projects make localised improvements to water outcomes. However, collectively they can make nationally significant contributions.

Under the pathway, up to $20 million in water infrastructure funding was made available for each state and territory. The Australian Government contributed up to $5 million per project.

To be eligible for funding, Connections Pathway projects must meet the Investment Framework eligibility criteria. They also must meet one or more of the following targeted priority themes:

  • improving water access and security
  • promoting regional economic growth and sustainability
  • building resilience to drought and a changing climate.

Connections Pathway packages were brought forward by states and territories. All 7 packages totalling 38 projects have been funded. Construction has commenced for all 7 packages.

Collectively, these projects will start to deliver significant improvements to regional communities. This includes the construction of new off-stream storage dams, water pipelines, and recycled water irrigation systems.

Nationally, farmers will benefit from increased water security and improved water access and reliability.

The project packages are also expected to create new ongoing jobs, seasonal and construction jobs. This will further support economic growth and development in rural and regional Australia.

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Key project benefits

Increased storage capacity
Water efficiency

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