Distribution and storage improvements

Yulara Water Supply Project

Project overview

The Yulara Water Supply Project will construct new water infrastructure to improve the township’s long-term water security. This will enable development in the area which has been limited by Yulara’s existing water infrastructure.

The project is proposed to be delivered in four stages:

Lostock Dam to Glennies Creek Dam Pipeline

Project overview

This project will complete a detailed business case to investigate the merits of constructing a 2-way pipeline and pumping infrastructure. This would connect 2 variable rainfall regions and improve water reliability.

If built, the proposed project would connect 2 headwater water storages, Lostock Dam and Glennies Creek Dam. The objective of the proposed pipeline is to improve the existing system and support the ongoing economic productivity of key industries and water users operating in the Hunter region.

Queensland Connections Package

Project overview

The National Water Grid Connections Pathway enables the quick delivery of targeted water infrastructure projects. As a result, bringing immediate benefits to Australia’s regional communities.

Small-scale infrastructure projects make localised improvements to water outcomes. They can also make nationally significant contributions.

The Warrens Gully System Capacity Upgrade project was funded under the Queensland Connections Pathway.

Tasmania Connections package

Project overview

Water infrastructure projects under the Tasmania Connections package include new and extended pipelines, and new and expanding reusable water schemes. These projects will increase availability and reliability of water for agricultural producers. These benefits will contribute to delivering secure and affordable water for rural and regional Australia.

Tasmanian water infrastructure projects under the Connections pathway include:

Western Australia Connections package

Project overview

The Western Australia Connections package includes a range of infrastructure projects including:

  • upgrades to increase water storage capacity
  • new water recycling systems
  • replacing existing pipelines.

These projects will improve water security for regional Australia, including farming communities.

Western Australia water infrastructure projects under the Connections pathway include:

Urannah Dam Business Case and Approvals

Project overview

The project will complete the detailed business case and approvals for the proposed Urannah Dam. It will include: 

  • detailed design and engineering work
  • environmental approvals 
  • consideration of cultural heritage and native title.

The business case will identify options to: 

  • provide water security for existing agricultural users
  • stimulate irrigated agriculture
  • support new resource projects.


South Australia Connections package

Project overview

Water infrastructure projects under the South Australia Connections package will improve water access to primary producers. Projects include work to:

  • upgrade irrigation water delivery to infrastructure
  • create groundwater recharge areas to refill aquifer and groundwater supply.

The projects will contribute to providing better water for rural and regional Australia that is: