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Distribution and storage improvements
Estimated cost
$43.8 million
Project status

The Western Australia Connections package is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($20 million), the Western Australian Government and other partners ($23.8 million). Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

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Project overview

The Western Australia Connections package includes a range of infrastructure projects including:

  • upgrades to increase water storage capacity
  • new water recycling systems
  • replacing existing pipelines.

These projects will improve water security for regional Australia, including farming communities.

Western Australia water infrastructure projects under the Connections pathway include:

  • Cave Springs Road Tail Water Return System
    • Construction of 2 water recycling systems in the Ord River Irrigation Area, resulting in 2,400 megalitres (ML) of water savings each year. Both recycling systems have been completed and are fully operational.
  • Agricultural Area Dams and Strategic Community Water Supplies
    • Construction of infrastructure facilities such as pipework, tanks, solar pumps and standpipes. This will increase resilience and water security in farming communities in the region.
  • Katanning to Kojonup Pipeline Enhancement
    • Replacement of existing pipeline at several sections between Katanning and Kojonup. This project is now complete and is increasing water reliability and supply to all farmland customers.
  • Jerramungup Dam Catchment Improvement
    • Replacement of degraded bitumen with plastic liner to enable increased runoff and water storage. Project is complete and  improving reliability to almost all water users in the Jerramungup catchment.
  • Gascoyne Irrigation Scheme Augmentation and Modernisation
    • Upgrade to essential infrastructure in the Gascoyne region. Upgrades include more production bores and the modernisation of irrigation systems. This will increase horticultural production capability in the region.
  • Community Water Supplies Partnership Program with Local Government
    • Development of over 40 new and improved non-potable water supplies in priority areas for farming communities to access.
  • Ravensthorpe Dam Catchment Extension
    • Installation of 3 floating HexaCovers at 3 separate dams, which is now complete. This will reduce evaporation and provide more water for several Wheatbelt communities.
  • Cranbrook Dam Catchment Improvement
    • Replacement of degraded bitumen in Cranbrook Dam 1 catchment. Project is complete and increasing the volume of water in the dam by 15 ML each year, for agricultural and primary industry use.
  • Wongutha Independent Water Security Pilot
    • Installation of a small-scale, solar powered water reverse osmosis desalination system pilot. The system will produce an extra 7.3 ML each year of fresh water.

These projects expect to deliver:

  • more than 400 jobs during construction and 40 ongoing jobs
  • up to 500 more seasonal jobs
  • an extra 11.5 gigalitres in storage capacity
  • 6,437 ML of increased water availability each year
  • 561 hectares of extra irrigable land
  • up to 8 new customers or properties connected to water supply.

Construction of the package is expected to be completed in mid-2024. 

Key project benefits

Increased storage capacity
Water quality
Water security

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