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Distribution and storage improvements
Estimated cost
$41.3 million
Project status

The Northern Territory Connections package is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($7.4 million) and other partners. Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Tractor on dry farmland.

The Northern Territory Connections package includes a critical water supply network, enabling growth for agricultural and primary industry in the region.

Project overview

Water infrastructure projects under the Northern Territory Connections package will enable agricultural and primary industry growth in the region. Projects include a critical water supply network to support this.

Selected projects under any Connections package will make significant contributions to the National Water Grid.

Northern Territory water infrastructure projects under the Connections pathway include:

  • Katherine Logistics and Agribusiness Hub Water Supply
    • Development of critical water supply to support the Katherine Logistics and Agribusiness Hub. This will enable growth for agricultural and primary industry in the region.
  • Emerging Agribusiness Precinct – Gunn Point Peninsula
    •  A pilot project will conduct crop trialling on a 260 hectare site. This will help explore commercial viability of agriculture opportunities that could be rolled out on a broader scale.

These projects expect to deliver:

  • 455 jobs during construction and up to 1,171 ongoing jobs
  • 11.2 megalitres of extra storage capacity
  • up to 2,700 megalitres per annum of increased water availability
  • up to 300 hectares of irrigable land and up to 54 new customers or properties connected to water supply.

It’s expected construction of the package will be complete in mid-2024.

Key project benefits

Increased storage capacity
Water efficiency
Water security

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