National Water Grid Authority


The National Water Grid Authority commenced operation on 1 October 2019.

The Authority is playing a key role in shaping national water infrastructure policy and bringing together world best science to identify and plan the next generation of water infrastructure that will:

  • support the growth of primary industries;
  • build drought resilience; and
  • meet the needs of a growing population.

The Authority’s objectives are to:

  • Develop, in partnership with state and territory governments, a national framework for investment in water infrastructure to identify a pipeline of priority water infrastructure projects that will increase the capacity, connectivity and resilience of Australia’s water storage and supply infrastructure.
  • Use world best science to determine where and how Australia’s water resources can be sustainably developed to increase security and reliability of supply. This includes consideration of initiatives such as the Bradfield Scheme and variations.
  • Deliver the Government’s $3.5 billion commitment to identify and build new water infrastructure through the $1.5 billion National Water Infrastructure Development Fund and the $2 billion National Water Infrastructure Loan Facility.

The National Water Infrastructure Development Fund

The $1.5 billion National Water Infrastructure Development Fund is delivering on the Australian Government’s commitment to partner with the state and territory governments to identify and build the water infrastructure of the 21st century.

Details on structure, eligibility and background are available on the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund page.

Funding commitments from the Fund are listed on the Water Infrastructure Feasibility Studies and Water Infrastructure Projects pages.

The National Water Infrastructure Loan Facility

The $2 billion National Water Infrastructure Loan Facility (the Loan Facility) is available to provide state and territory governments with concessional loans to co‑fund the construction of economically viable water infrastructure.

The Regional Investment Corporation is responsible for administration of the Loan Facility. Details including eligibility and how to apply are available at

Further information

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