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Distribution and storage improvements
Estimated cost
$63.4 million
Project status

The South Australia Connections package is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($14.1 million) and the South Australian Government and other partners ($49.3 million). Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Excavator clearing dry, dusty land.

The South Australia Connections package includes upgrades to irrigation water delivery infrastructure and creation of groundwater recharge areas to refill aquifer and groundwater supply.

Project overview

Water infrastructure projects under the South Australia Connections package will improve water access to primary producers. Projects include work to:

  • upgrade irrigation water delivery to infrastructure
  • create groundwater recharge areas to refill aquifer and groundwater supply.

The projects will contribute to providing better water for rural and regional Australia that is:

  • secure
  • affordable
  • reliable.

South Australia water infrastructure projects under the Connections package include:

  • Barossa Wine Grape Water Source Diversification
    • Construction of new infrastructure to supply 800 megalitres (ML) of extra water each year to wine producers. Once complete, water will move from new source into an existing agricultural water supply system for wine producers.
  • Greenway’s Irrigation Trust – Increasing Water Availability, Reliability and Efficiency
    • Upgrade to the current river pumping station, enabling producers to grow higher value crops.
  • Improving Water Deliverability and Accessibility in the Lower Murray Reclaimed Irrigation Area
    • Irrigation water delivery infrastructure will be upgraded, as part of a pilot project to ensure continued water access for irrigation.
  • Pogona Barbata – Water for High-Tech Horticulture
    • Development and construction of a reverse osmosis plant and water retention and supply system. This will improve water efficiency for high yield and high margin produce.
  • Recycled Water Pipeline to Nairne – Stage 1
    • Construction of a 1 km pipeline to improve access to recycled water for primary producers in the region. 
  • Regional Recharge Farms
    • Creation of groundwater recharge areas refill aquifer and groundwater supply. This will minimise reductions in water allocations for primary producers.
  • Waikerie Irrigated Agricultural Water Access and Security Project
    • Construction of wetland and stormwater pipe infrastructure. This will improve water access for primary producers in the region.

These projects are expected to deliver:

  • up to 60 jobs during construction and will support up to 850 ongoing jobs
  • up to 1,220 ML of extra storage capacity
  • up to 1,890 ML each year of increased water availability
  • up to 1,860 hectares of more irrigable land and up to 90 new customers or properties connected to water supply.

It’s expected construction of the package will be complete in mid-2024.

Key project benefits

Increased storage capacity
Water efficiency
Water security

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