NWGA welcomes the National Water Grid Advisory Body

14 September 2020

The Australian Government has established the National Water Grid Advisory Body to help secure reliable supplies of water for rural and regional Australia.

The eight-member body brings together a wide range of experience in engineering, agriculture, economics, science, and infrastructure investment.

The Advisory Body will advise the Government on a range of water infrastructure issues, and support the National Water Grid Authority (NWGA) in its role shaping national water infrastructure policy.

The Advisory Body’s initial focus will include supporting the NWGA’s review of 24 water infrastructure feasibility projects to identify proposals that warrant further investigation, developing a program of priorities for the NWGA’s Science Program, and investigating large scale water harvest and transfer schemes, such as the Bradfield scheme.

The Advisory Body will help inform the Government’s decisions on the priority water infrastructure projects that will deliver the National Water Grid, with the aim of increasing Australia’s agricultural output, water security, drought resilience and prosperity in our regions.