Former National Water Grid Advisory Body

The National Water Grid Advisory Body was established in September 2020 and concluded its operations in March 2022 having completed its work plan and achieved its key objectives.

The Advisory Body’s role was to provide advice to the Deputy Prime Minister when requested, to inform Government decision making and support the work of the National Water Grid Authority.

The Advisory Body did not have a decision making role and was never intended to be ongoing.

Investment decisions remain the responsibility of the Australian Government and are guided by the National Water Grid Investment Framework.

The National Water Grid Advisory Body Charter PDF: 210 KB outlines the previous role of the Advisory Body.

Prior members of the National Water Grid Advisory Body as at March 2022 were:

  • Christopher Lynch - Chair
  • Sue Middleton
  • Peter Ryan
  • Dr Cathy Foley
  • Roseanne Healy
  • Elizabeth Stott
  • Stuart Khan