Storage improvements

Mole River Dam

Project overview

The Australian Government is committed to responsible investment in water infrastructure. This is based on scientific evidence and business cases that stack up economically and environmentally.

A strategic business case was undertaken to look at the construction of a new dam to support the region. If constructed, a new dam could capture more water and be available during drier times.

Paranui Weir Preliminary Business Case

Project overview

The preliminary business case investigated improving water catchment, storage and availability in the Dawson Valley Water Supply Scheme. The business case identified and evaluated the viability of a long list of potential solutions and shortlisted solutions to prioritise for further assessment.

The Paranui Weir Preliminary Business Case was completed in December 2023.

Belubula Water Security Scheme

Project overview

The detailed business case will assess a water security scheme for the Belubula Valley region.

If built, the project is expected to improve the availability and quality of water for communities in the Belubula Valley and Orange regions. This will also benefit agricultural and primary industries. 

The detailed business case will investigate 4 infrastructure options, including:

Adelaide River Off-Stream Water Storage (AROWS)

Project overview

The project completed a detailed business case, including assessing the market demand and infrastructure requirements, for proposed water storage options in the Darwin region. It was completed in November 2021.

This involved assessing the potential for Adelaide River Off-Stream Water Storage (AROWS) and other storage options to provide secure, reliable and cost-effective water to meet future water demand.

Bedford Weir Raising Preliminary Business Case

Project overview

This preliminary business case investigated options to improve water security for the Nogoa Mackenzie Water Supply Scheme, including the merits of raising the Bedford Weir. It included:
•    options analysis 
•    environmental, social, and legal assessments
•    market considerations and delivery model analysis 
•    economic and financial analysis. 

This work will be a key input for the Central Queensland Regional Water Assessment.

Lake Leake Dam Life Extension Upgrade

Project overview

The project will upgrade the existing Lake Leake Dam wall and spillway to reduce dam failure risk to an acceptable level and to meet contemporary standards.

The works will extend the 140-year-old dam’s useful life by a further 100 years. It will maintain 14.6 gigalitres per year of water for crop and livestock production and provide ongoing water supply certainty for local irrigators in the Campbell Town region.

Eurobodalla Southern Storage

Project overview

The project involves construction of an off-stream water storage dam and pump station to improve water security and drought resilience to the region.

The pump station will transfer water to enable full linkage and integration of the Eurobodalla region supply system. The project will increase water storage capacity by 3,000 megalitres (ML) and provide an estimated additional 581 ML per annum for downstream irrigators and stock watering.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2025.

Rookwood Weir (Managibei Gamu)

Project overview

Rookwood Weir is located on the Fitzroy River near Rockhampton and provides reliable water security to the region. This will help grow and diversify agriculture and support industrial and urban water use for the Gladstone, Capricorn Coast and Rockhampton regions. The Weir has been given a local Darumbal traditional language name of Managibei, which means ‘keeping water’.

During construction, the project also involved enabling works to support the construction and operation of the Weir, including road and crossing upgrades in the region.

Darwin Region Water Supply Infrastructure Program – Stage 1

Project overview

The project includes returning the Manton Dam to service and preconstruction works for the Adelaide River Off-Stream Water Storage (AROWS) project.

Work to return the Manton Dam to service will involve upgrading existing dam infrastructure and building the first phase of the Strauss Water Treatment Plan and distribution network.

The project will enable an additional 14 gigalitres (GL) of usable water storage capacity and make 7,300 ML per annum available for productive use.