Numbulwar map, NT.
First Nations water security
Numbulwar, Arnhem Land
Estimated cost
$3.2 million
Project status
in planning

The package is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($1.8 million) and the Northern Territory Government ($1.4 million). Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Numbulwar town, NT.

The Phase 1 package is a set of planning works to inform future Phase 2 construction works. Image credit: Alec Moylan.

Project overview

The Numbulwar Water Security Strategy is a two-phase approach to develop long term water security in the northern community of Numbulwar. Numbulwar faces extreme risk of future water source failure. The Australian and Northern Territory Governments are committed to providing reliable water supply in the community.

The phase 1 package is a set of planning works to inform future phase 2 construction works.

Phase 1 includes:

  • water source surveying for a new water supply
  • investigative drilling to identify the capacity of new water supply
  • new water supply design and planning.

The Numbulwar Water Security Strategy will:

  • address significant water loss
  • improve source sustainability to boost water security
  • support housing development to enhance liveability and alleviate overcrowding.

Investigative drilling works are expected to begin in July 2024.