Map of Western Australia
Research and planning
Estimated cost
$2 million
Project status

The project is being funded by the Australian Government ($1 million) and Western Australian Government ($1 million). Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Township of Exmouth in foreground with vibrant blue ocean behind.

Investigating a water source that is not dependant on rainfall will support climate change and drought resilience in Exmouth.

Project overview

The Next Water Source for Exmouth preliminary business case will look at new water source options to meet current and future water demands in the rural community of Exmouth. Options will seek to provide 500 megalitres to meet the current and forecast future water demand to 2050.

Exmouth experiences water insecurity and reliability issues due to ongoing impacts of climate change. Impacts include the reduction of surface and groundwater in the region. With a strong tourism industry, the town currently carts water in during peak travel periods.

The business case will investigate options to minimise the effects of climate change and improve drought resilience, such as seawater desalination and bore field expansion.

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