National Water Grid program of work

The National Water Grid Authority’s (NWGA) program of work includes a range of planning, business case, science, and construction projects. Bringing together evidence-based advice from Australia’s leading science organisations means our program of work supports the Australian Government’s commitment to responsible investment in water.

See the progress of funded projects

Progress of projects funded through the National Water Grid Fund:

  • Investment pipeline (PDF: 839 KB) – shows the projects underway that underpin the Australian Government’s strategic long term plan to secure Australia’s water future.
  • Construction projects map (PDF: 1.01 MB) – shows the location of all construction commitments, including projects announced under the Connections funding pathway.
  • Summary of construction projects (PDF: 716 KB) – shows the status of construction commitments.
  • Progress chart (PDF: 962 KB) – details key stages of planning and construction for each commitment.

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Fast facts

Water storage is usually measured in megalitres (ML) or gigalitres (GL).

  • Did you know?

    One megalitre equals one million litres of water.

    One megalitre of water weighs about 1,000 tonnes.

    An Olympic-sized swimming pool holds 2.5 megalitres of water.

  • Did you know?

    One gigalitre equals 1,000 megalitres, or one billion litres of water.

    One gigalitre of water weighs about one million tonnes.

    Sydney Harbour holds more than 500 gigalitres of water.