Recycled water flows into Western Irrigation project

28 February 2022

The Western Irrigation Network has reached a major project milestone with the completion of a new recycled water storage dam in Melton.

Water has started flowing into the new 1.1-gigalitre storage dam at the Melton Recycled Water Plant and will be used to irrigate thousands of hectares of farmland in the Parwan-Balliang region from early 2023.

The dam will be part of a network capable of supplying 18.3 gigalitres of recycled water a year by 2050, securing a future-proof recycled water supply for farmers in the region for years to come.

The $116.3 million Western Irrigation Network project is jointly funded by the Australian ($48.1 million) and Victorian ($65.6 million) governments and other partners ($2.6 million), delivered in partnership with Greater Western Water and local farmers.

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