New groundwater resource hits the web

16 October 2023

A national hydrogeological inventory that maps out Australia's major groundwater-bearing basins and geological provinces has just been released.

The National Water Grid is already exploring the new tool, which adds to the resources that are available to help guide water infrastructure investment decisions.

The new inventory maps out where groundwater is located, and the communities, industries and environments directly rely on it. Groundwater is a source of water that has a wide range of benefits, from keeping rivers flowing to watering crops. Importantly, it can also be used as drinking water (when treated).

Map of Australia with different colourings showcasing groundwater inventory.

Screen grab from the National Hydrogeological Inventory portal. Picture: Geoscience Australia.

Now, and in the future, groundwater plays an important role in our nation’s water security. Already, we have several groundwater projects either completed or underway, including:

Climate change is also having an impact on these important groundwater sources, so we must continue to learn about them, understand how we can protect them and manage them effectively. For some communities in Australia, groundwater may be their only source of natural water.

More information on the National Hydrogeological Inventory is available on the Geoscience Australia website.