We need your ideas - powering safe drinking water in remote communities

28 February 2024

Impossible? Is your idea the brightest?

Our Science Program idea has been chosen as one of the topics for the latest Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) challenge. Our submission asks the question – how do we improve overall water safety and security in remote communities, and remove or reduce barriers of high salinity, high energy requirements and brine management issues without increasing emissions?

Remote First Nations communities face challenges in accessing clean drinking water. They often lack the technology needed to treat water so that they can simply drink from the tap.

The harsh arid climate only adds to this challenge. Water sources are often high in salts, metals and other contaminants. Meanwhile, energy sources aren’t as reliable as they are in bigger cities, and at times they can be bad for the environment, for example, diesel generators.

This all means specialised processes are needed.

What does a solution look like?

We need your help to come up with a solution that is efficient, cost effective and relies on renewable energy. Solutions must be:

  • effective in meeting Australian water quality standards
  • low cost to set up and maintain
  • have minimal maintenance needs
  • hardy to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • able to operate continuously (even at night).

Some themes to consider include:

  • renewable energy integration
  • solar-powered solutions
  • water treatment
  • contaminants
  • weather resistant materials
  • water treatment methodologies
  • waste management
  • atmospheric water solutions
  • low-maintenance technologies
  • scalable technologies.

Available grants and more information

Feasibility grants from $50,000 to $100,000 are available through the BRII challenge. If successful from there, you may receive up to $1 million to develop a proof of concept.

BRII funding provides a rare opportunity to leverage ideas to make a positive impact on the world, environment and economy.

Head on over to the BRII challenge website to learn more, including their eligibility guidelines and how to apply. Together we can solve the problem and make the seemingly impossible possible.