Kyneton Recycled Water Irrigation Project a win for the community

03 March 2023

Great news! The final upgrade to the Kyneton Recycled Water Irrigation Project is complete with a 14km pipeline now ready to support better reuse options for the region’s wastewater.

Victoria connections

The Kyneton water pipeline is the first project to be completed under the Victorian Connections Package – a series of water infrastructure projects that will deliver water savings and help support the agricultural industry, regional communities, and the environment. The remaining Victorian connection projects are on track for completion this year.

Delivering benefits

The 14 km pipeline has taken eight months to complete and will initially provide between 200 and 300 megalitres of recycled water to local landowners and businesses annually.

Costing $7.5 million, the project was jointly funded by the Federal Government ($3.75M) and Coliban Water ($3.75M) and is specifically targeted towards boosting agricultural productivity. Providing an avenue for irrigating dryland farming via Class C recycled water (approved by the Environment Protection Authority) will also deliver better environmental outcomes for the Campaspe River.

The first property to benefit from the project is Crofton Park, a 60-hectare farm that provides animal feed such as clover. The property was selected after a land capability assessment and a commitment from the owner to partner with Coliban Water over the long term. Under the agreement on-farm infrastructure will be installed, including pivot irrigators, pumps, pipes and land preparation, which will provide water security for summer crops.

Other approved agriculture customers located along the pipeline will also be connected for irrigation purposes.

The completion of the pipeline’s final stage of works is an important milestone to help future-proof water supply in the region.

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