Funding commitment to improve water security for Gove Peninsula, Northern Territory

14 March 2024

More than 80% of water in the remote Gove Peninsula communities of Yirrkala and Gunyangara is lost through leaks in the existing water infrastructure. The Australian Government has committed $5.4 million towards the first phase of a project to upgrade the water supply for these communities in in northeast Arnhem Land.

Gove Peninsula, NT.
This project will improve water supply for the remote communities of Yirrkala and Gunyangara in northeast Arnhem Land. Image credit: Jordy Bowman, Developing East Arnhem Limited.

The project, jointly funded with the Northern Territory Government, will:

  • replace 6kms of old asbestos pipes and more than 200 connection points and meters in Yirrkala
  • build climate resilience to the effects of severe weather events, including cyclones and heatwaves
  • assess the water supply to Gunyangara, to find opportunities to support long term community growth through better water reliability.

Improved water reliability will provide:

  • opportunities for long term planning and investment
  • expansion of services and facilities
  • development opportunities, particularly for housing to reduce overcrowding
  • improved liveability conditions
  • Increased connection to Country by being able to live on Country.

This project supports the Australian Government’s commitment to Closing the Gap on water security. Funding is provided through the National Water Grid's $150 million First Nations Water Infrastructure program.

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