Funding confirmed: permanent and reliable drinking water for Mount Morgan residents

31 October 2023

The Australian Government has committed an additional $26.5 million to help progress an $88.2 million water supply pipeline project in Mount Morgan in central Queensland.

Mount Morgan is a regional town of almost 3,000 residents. As well as being particularly vulnerable to drought, the town currently relies on 1 small dam which is susceptible to contaminants such as algae that lessen the quality of the drinking water.

Overlooking the town of Mount Morgan, Central Queensland. Image credit: Queensland Government.
Overlooking the town of Mount Morgan, Central Queensland. Image credit: Queensland Government.

The town has depended on the costly and unreliable solution of carting essential water for more than 2 and a half years (30 months). The new solution will see water moved from a reliable source at Gracemere and into the township of Mount Morgan.

The project includes:

  • construction of a 28 km water pipeline to connect the Rockhampton water supply network to Mount Morgan
  • upgrade of the pump station at Gracemere
  • construction of a new reservoir and a new pump station at Lucas Street, Gracemere
  • construction of a new pump station and reservoir halfway along the pipeline route at Moonmera.

These works will provide a long term and reliable solution for the community and generations to come in Mount Morgan. It will support residential development, economic growth and improve the town’s liveability. The project will also support an economic boost to the local community during construction, including:

  • local businesses being able to tender for work
  • wages earned by local workers being spent locally
  • creation of approximately 50 new jobs.

This newly committed funding is in addition to $3.5 million provided by the Australian Government to support the initial planning and investigation work for the pipeline. The project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments and the Rockhampton Regional Council.

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