First concrete pour for the Rookwood Weir

14 September 2021

The $367.2 million Rookwood Weir project has reached another significant milestone, with the first concrete pour on Friday 10 September.

This Australian and Queensland Government jointly funded project will increase water security, expand irrigated agricultural production and drive new employment and economic opportunities across Central Queensland.

These concrete pours will continue for about 12 months, with the structure set to take shape over that time.

This milestone has come whilst a range of other works for the project have also significantly advanced, including having moved 800,000 cubic metres of earthworks. A coffer dam to help divert river flows and a temporary river crossing are now close to completion.

Rookwood Weir is being built on the Fitzroy River, 66 kilometres south-west of Rockhampton. Once complete, the over-16-metre-high weir will enable a transition to higher-value agricultural land use and facilitate new industrial business opportunities in the region.

Read more in the Deputy Prime Minister’s media release.

For more information on Rookwood Weir please see our Rookwood Weir project page.