Desalination plant among options being considered for northern South Australia

16 February 2022

A sustainable, long term water source that will boost South Australia’s economy, create jobs and deliver a long term sustainable water source is one step closer to reality.

The Australian and South Australian governments have committed $15 million for a business case to take the Northern Water Supply project forward.

Among the options being considered in the business case is a desalination plant located on the Upper Spencer Gulf which would reduce water reliance on mines using water from the Great Artesian Basin and the River Murray.

If construction proceeds, the project could support around 8,000 jobs in its construction phase and 6,000 jobs once its complete.

The business case has the support of SA Water, BHP and Oz Minerals who would like to progress the projects and address the region’s water needs.

A successful option, once built, would support South Australia’s mining industry which relies on nearby water sources for their groundwater, which can be expensive to extract and can be affected by salinity and other water quality issues. The successful option would remove reliance on these water sources and could ease pressure on the agricultural sector.

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