Coliban detailed business case to help identify water efficiency solutions

24 August 2023

The Australian Government has committed $3.7 million to progress to the next stage of the Coliban Regional Rural Modernisation project in Victoria. This next stage will include the development of a detailed business case. 

The detailed business case will build on the preliminary business case completed in December 2022. The preliminary business case identified inefficiencies and water loss within the Coliban system. This water loss was also found to impact water management within this region of the Murray-Darling Basin. 

The detailed business case will consider and recommend preferred water efficiency solutions. These solutions will focus on more than 500 kilometres of open channels and pipelines throughout the network.

These solutions may also include upgrading and replacing ageing water infrastructure. The upgrades and replacements could potentially save up to 6.8 gigalitres of water each year. This recovered water could then be used to bolster productivity elsewhere in the system. 

If built, the modernised distribution network would improve the efficiency of water services for up to 1,366 farmers. By extension, it could also play a vital role in making the system more sustainable. 

The $5.7 million detailed business case is jointly funded by:

  • the Australian Government’s National Water Grid Fund ($3.7 million)
  • Coliban Water ($2 million). 

The Dja Dja Wurrung Aboriginal Corporation have played an essential role in the project so far. They have ensured thorough consideration of cultural heritage. They will continue to be involved in the development of the detailed business case. 

This important investment will help to future-proof water security and environmental sustainability. It will also ensure continued economic growth around the Coliban and Bendigo regions. 

A channel of water running through a green field.

The detailed business case will consider and recommend preferred water efficiency solutions for the Coliban system.

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