Message from our Minister

The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP
Minister for the Environment and Water

Australia is the driest inhabited continent, making water one of our most valuable resources. One of my priorities as Minister for the Environment and Water is to ensure that there is water security for all Australians, for agriculture, for industry and the environment.

The National Water Grid Authority is the Australian Government’s lead agency for national water infrastructure development. It plays a critical role in delivering on our commitment to secure the future of Australia’s water resources in the face of a rapidly changing climate.

The National Water Grid Authority makes decisions on water infrastructure to deliver water security for all water users, both urban and rural, giving proper consideration to economic and productivity opportunities as well as environmental and First Nations opportunities and impacts.

The Authority’s evidence-based approach to water security is underpinned by a targeted science program which brings together advice from Australia’s leading science institutions.

This scientific focus, coupled with working in partnership with state and territory governments, allows the National Water Grid Authority to support the effective and efficient use of existing water supplies, while also considering the economic and environmental impacts of critical water infrastructure initiatives.

We know that poor water security, both quality and supply, in remote communities negatively impacts health and wellbeing, which is why I am also expanding the National Water Grid’s Investment Framework.

This revised approach brings into focus the needs of essential town water supplies in regional areas, as well as increased involvement of First Nations Peoples to deliver solutions to tackle the critical need for sustainable and secure water supply for remote communities.

We have a big task ahead of future proofing Australia’s water resources. I am committed to ensuring every Australian community has safe and reliable water security for the future.