Western Australia Connections package


Estimated Cost:

Estimated cost
$43.8 million

Water infrastructure projects under the Western Australia Connections package includes infrastructure upgrades to increase water storage capacity, new water recycling systems and replacing existing pipelines. These projects will increase resilience and water security in farming communities.  Collectively, these benefits will contribute to delivering secure affordable and reliable water for rural and regional Australia.

Western Australia water infrastructure projects under the Connections pathway include:

  • Cave Springs Road Tail Water Return System
    • Two water recycling systems will be constructed in the Ord River Irrigation Area resulting in 2400 megalitres per annum of water savings.
  • Agricultural Area Dams and Strategic Community Water Supplies
    • Infrastructure facilities will be constructed including pipework, tanks, solar pumps and standpipes at 70 dam sites. This will increase resilience and water security in farming communities in the region. 
  • Katanning to Kojonup Pipeline Enhancement
    • A number of sections of the existing pipeline between Katanning and Kojonup will be replaced, increasing water reliability and supply to all farmland customers.
  • Jerramungup Dam Catchment Improvement
    • Degraded bitumen will be replaced with plastic liner enabling increased runoff and water storage, and improving reliability to almost 100 per cent of water users in the Jerramungup catchment.
  • Gascoyne Irrigation Scheme Augmentation and Modernisation
    • Essential infrastructure in the Gascoyne region will be upgraded, including additional production bores and modernisation of irrigation systems. This will increase horticultural production capability in the region.
  • Community Water Supplies Partnership Program with Local Government
    • Up to 40 new and improved non-potable water supplies will be developed in priority areas for farming communities to access.
  • Ravensthorpe Dam Catchment Extension
    • The catchment area of the Ravensthorpe dam will be increased by 5 hectares, increasing the volume of water in the dam by approximately 7 megalitres per annum.
  • Cranbrook Dam Catchment Improvement
    • Degraded bitumen will be replaced in Cranbrook Dam 1 catchment, increasing the volume of water in the dam by 15 megalitres per annum, for agricultural and primary industry use.
  • Wongutha Independent Water Security Pilot
    • A small-scale, solar powered water reverse osmosis desalination system pilot will be installed, producing an additional 7.3 megalitres per annum of fresh water.

Collectively, these projects are expected to deliver:

  • More than 400 jobs during construction and 40 ongoing jobs (with up to 500 additional seasonal jobs)
  • 11.5 gigalitres in additional storage capacity
  • 6437 megalitres per annum increased water availability
  • 561 hectares of additional irrigable land and up to eight new customers or properties connected to water supply.

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Who's involved

The package of projects is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($20 million) and the Western Australian Government and other partners ($23.8 million).

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Project status

Construction of the package has commenced and is expected to be completed in mid 2023.