Tyabb-Somerville Recycled Water Irrigation Scheme


Estimated Cost:

centre pivot boom irrigation
Estimated cost
$0.4 million

The project will complete a detailed business case to investigate the merits of constructing a transfer main, pumping infrastructure and reticulation network to enable recycled water supply to the Tyabb, Somerville and Pearcedale regions.

It is expected the proposed scheme would provide up to 2,400ML per annum of climate independent recycled water and support $50 million to $60 million in gross agricultural production.

The detailed business case will expand on the existing detailed business case to:

  • Confirm demand across the Pearcedale agricultural precinct.
  • Undertake functional design and costing for the Pearcedale reticulation network.
  • Update the economic model and detailed business case to include the expanded Pearcedale scheme.
Who's involved

The project is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($0.2 million), Mornington Peninsula Shire ($0.1 million) and other partners ($0.1 million).

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Project status

The project is currently in the planning stage with the business case expected to be completed mid 2022.