Tasmanian Irrigation Tranche 3: Northern Midlands Irrigation Scheme


Estimated Cost:

Irrigation in the Tasmanian Irrigation Tranche III: Phase One
Estimated cost
To be confirmed.

The project will harvest in excess of 13GL of water annually from the Poatina Power Station and the construction of three pump stations, three balance tanks and at least 100kms of underground pipeline network.

The piping network will allow delivery to scheme participants in the regions of Campbell Town, Poatina, Lower Macquarie and the Isis River over a 180-day summer irrigation season.

Who's involved

The Australian Government and Tasmanian Government are jointly funding the project with the Australian Government providing $25 million. Findings of the Detailed Business Case process will inform the final cost of the project.

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Project status

Planning is underway. Delivery timeframes including completion of construction will be informed by the Detailed Business Case.