New South Wales Connections package


Estimated Cost:

Estimated cost
$40 million

Water infrastructure projects under the New South Wales Connections package include the construction and upgrade of new pipelines and water storage facilities. These projects will enable the expansion of the agriculture industries, provide adequate water supplies and address storage and quality issues. Collectively, these benefits will contribute to delivering secure, affordable and reliable water for rural and regional Australia.

New South Wales water infrastructure projects under the Connections pathway include:

  • Lake Wyangan Water Sustainability project
    • The Griffith Water Reclamation Plant will be modified and a new 5.3 kilometre pipeline will enable the expansion of the local citrus industry and irrigation of currently dry land farming areas.
  • Walcha Off-Stream Water Storage
    • A new 300 megalitre off-stream storage dam will be constructed to improve water reliability to the Walcha community and agricultural users.
  • West Wyalong Water Reliability project
    • The existing distribution network in West Wyalong will be upgraded to support the expansion of the Lake Cowal Gold Mine as well as to provide water supply to agribusiness customers in the region.
  • Broken Hill to Menindee Graziers Pipeline
    • A new pipeline will be constructed to support 16 graziers across 320,000 hectares of farmland, providing a dedicated water source for graziers with improved reliability and quality. 
  • Urbenville Water Supply project
    • The existing Urbenville Water Treatment Plan will be expanded, including the installation of three raw water tanks, increasing certainty of supply for livestock, dairy and crop production.

Collectively, these projects are expected to deliver:

  • 62 jobs during construction and more than 234 ongoing jobs
  • 1650 megalitres in additional storage capacity
  • 4380 megalitres per annum increased water availability
  • More than 240 hectares of additional irrigable land and more than 190 new customers or properties connected to the water supply.

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Who's involved

The package of projects is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($15.8 million) and the New South Wales Government and other partners ($24.3 million).

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Project status

Construction for the package is expected to be completed in mid 2023.