Hells Gates Dam detailed business case


Estimated Cost:

Estimated cost
$24 million

The project completed the detailed business case, including detailed geotechnical and cultural heritage assessments, environmental impact report and engineering analysis for a potential Hells Gates Dam.

The business case assessed the Hells Gates Dam Scheme, including three downstream irrigation weirs and a new weir at Big Rocks, in northern Queensland.

The Australian Government is committed to responsible investment in water infrastructure, based on scientific evidence and business cases that stack up economically and environmentally. A review of the detailed business case for the Hells Gates Dam determined that a dam at Hells Gates is not deliverable and would result in significant environmental and First Nations cultural impacts.

$1 billion of Hells Gates Dam funding will be put aside for future water security investments.

The Big Rocks Weir project is proceeding separately. The Australian Government has made a commitment to the construction of the Big Rocks Weir.

Further information is available on the North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority projects page.

Who's involved

The $24 million detailed business case project was funded by the Australian Government.

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Project status

The Hells Gates Dam detailed business case was completed in September 2022.