Fingal Irrigation Scheme


Estimated Cost:

Irrigation in the Tasmanian Irrigation Tranche III: Phase One
Estimated cost
to be confirmed.

The project will deliver infrastructure that allows water to be sourced from the South Esk River and pumped via at least 2 kilometres of dual supply line for storage in a 14 gigalitre capacity dam during the winter period.

During the 150-day summer irrigation period the scheme will release more than 12 gigalitres of high reliability irrigation water back into the South Esk River.

Who's involved

The Australian Government and Tasmanian Government are jointly funding the project with the Australian Government providing $35 million. Findings of the detailed business case process will inform the final cost of the project.

The Australian Government has committed an additional $100 million towards the Pipeline to Prosperity Tranche 3 Phase 1 projects in Tasmania, which includes:

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund. 

Project status

The project is currently in planning.