Emu Swamp Dam


Estimated Cost:

Apple on a tree
Estimated cost
$84 million

This project is constructing a 12,000ML dam on the Severn River near Stanthorpe, and a 117km pipeline distribution network.

The Emu Swamp Dam project will increase water availability by up to 40 per cent in the region for productive use. It will increase water security and provide growers with the confidence and certainty to expand agricultural production in the region. The types of agriculture expected to be supported in the region include apples, stone fruit, vegetables, herbs and grapes.

Who's involved

The $84 million project is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($42 million), the Queensland Government ($13.6 million) and other partners ($23.4 million).

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund ($42 million) and the Roads of Strategic Importance Initiative ($5 million).

Project status

Construction is expected to be completed mid 2023.