Dungowan Dam and Pipeline


Estimated Cost:

a close up of an overhead sprinkler in use above a crop. Image courtesy of Nathan Dyer
Estimated cost
$1.28 billion

The project will see a new Dungowan Dam constructed, increasing storage capacity from 6.3GL to 22.5GL.

The new dam will be around 3.5km downstream of the existing dam, which will be decommissioned. The new dam wall will be 58 metres high with a catchment area measuring 175 square kilometres. A new 55km delivery pipeline will supply up to 71 megalitres of water per day from the dam to the Calala Water Treatment Plant.

This project will improve water security, help build drought resilience and maintain water reliability for agricultural production.

Who's involved

The Australian Government has made a commitment of up to $675 million towards the project. This commitment is subject to the finalisation of the business case and approvals processes and a co-investment decision by the NSW Government. The NSW Government has made a commitnment to fund 50 per cent of the project costs, conditional on the guarantee of the Australian Government's commitment.

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Project status

Construction of the Dungowan Pipeline commenced in February 2022. Construction timeframes for the Dungowan Dam will be informed by the detailed business case.