Coliban Regional Rural Modernisation


Estimated Cost:

Estimated cost
$0.5 million

The project would aim to upgrade 282km of open channel with pipeline to improve efficiency and reduce water losses.

The project aims to replace approximately 282km of open channels with pipeline, providing a reliable and secure water source to Coliban region. The project will increase availability of water through water recovery from replacing leaky channels with pipelines and more efficient delivery mechanisms.

The preliminary business case will:

  • review current supply arrangements
  • quantify water losses; and
  • directly engage with customers to determine future service and infrastructure needs of the rural system.
Who's involved

The $0.5 million project is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($0.4 million) and other partners ($0.2 million).

Please note figures are rounded.

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Project status

The project is underway, with the business case expected to be completed in late 2022.