Charleston Dam Facility


Estimated Cost:

Construction at Charleston Dam Facility in Queensland in Australia Image courtesy Etheridge Shire Council
Estimated cost
$20.655 million

The Charleston Dam Facility project is delivering an earth and rock wall dam for communities in central northern Queensland. The facility will supply 100 megalitres of water per annum to Forsayth, and 500 megalitres of water to Georgetown. The project also involves water treatment measures, construction of reservoirs at Forsayth and Georgetown, pipelines and construction of a recreation precinct.

This project will provide sustainable and cleaner water supply to communities in Queensland’s Etheridge Shire, as well as supporting economic, agricultural and clean energy developments, and provide a recreational facility for Outback communities and visitors.

Who's involved

The $20.655 million project is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($13 million) and the Etheridge Shire Council ($7.655 million).

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Stronger Regions Fund Round 3 ($10 million) and the Community Development Grants Programme ($3 million).

Project status

The project is underway.