Cairns Water Security – Stage 1


Estimated Cost:

a close up of an overhead sprinkler in use above a crop. Image courtesy of Nathan Dyer
Estimated cost
$215 million

The Cairns Water Security – Stage 1 project provides an additional water source for Cairns in far north Queensland.

Once complete the new water treatment plant, water reservoirs and distribution network will provide a modern, integrated and long-term water security solution to service Cairns now and into the future.

The project will deliver a new drinking water supply to the region by enhancing existing supplies from Copperlode Falls Dam, Behana Creek and smaller rural intakes across the region.

The project is expected to support approximately 6.4 GL of increased water availability for the region.

Who's involved

The project is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($107.5 million) and the Queensland Government ($107.5 million).

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding will be provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Project status

The project is currently in the planning stage.