Big Rocks Weir


Estimated Cost:

Orange harvest being washed in Australia
Estimated cost
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The Big Rocks Weir project includes the construction of a new 10 gigalitre weir approximately 26 kilometres north of the town of Charters Towers in northern Queensland.

The project will create the potential for enhanced agricultural output in the region. It will also deliver water to support high-value crop production, and water security to transition to high-value perennial crops such as table grapes, avocados and mangoes.

This additional water availability will support the development of up to 5000 hectares of land for high-value agriculture purposes.

Ability to transition to high-value agriculture will increase the regions annual agricultural revenue and jobs growth.

The project will provide additional supply security for the township of Charters Towers.

The Big Rocks Weir detailed business case was completed in August 2020.

More information is available on the North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority projects page.

Who's involved

The project is jointly funded with a current commitment by the Australian Government of $38 million and the Queensland Government of $30 million.

Project status

The project is currently in the planning stage.