Bedford Weir Raising Preliminary Business Case


Estimated Cost:

Estimated cost
$1.7 million

The project will complete a preliminary business case to investigate the merits of raising of the Bedford Weird by 1.2 metres.

The proposed project would increase the storage capacity of the existing Bedford Weir by 5,000ML, increasing total storage from 20GL to 25GL. This would improve water security and reliability for primary industries in the Bowen Basin, as well as supporting surrounding communities that are impacted by drought conditions.

The preliminary business case will include:

  • options development;
  • stakeholder engagement; 
  • environmental, social, and legal assessments;
  • hydrologic and design modelling; and 
  • economic and financial analysis.
Who's involved

The $1.7 million project is funded by the Australian Government.

Australian Government Funding source

Australian Government funding is provided through the National Water Grid Fund.

Project status

The project is currently in planning, with the preliminary business case expected to be complete in early 2023.