Planning new water infrastructure for Central Queensland

22 September 2021

The Australian Government, through the National Water Grid Fund, is funding preliminary business cases for two water infrastructure projects in Central Queensland.

The funding includes $2 million towards the Paranui Weir preliminary business case, and $1.7 million towards the Bedford Weir Raising preliminary business case.

The preliminary business case for Paranui Weir will investigate options for a new weir along the Dawson River with a storage capacity of 11.5 gigalitres, equivalent to more than 4,500 Olympic swimming pools. If built, the weir could support agricultural and primary industry growth through providing the additional water needed to meet future irrigation demand across up to 30,000 hectares of land.

The preliminary business case for the Bedford Weir Raising project will explore the benefits and viability of raising the current weir’s wall by 1.2 metres, which would increase water storage capacity by five gigalitres. The project would improve water reliability in the Nagoa Mackenzie Water Supply Scheme, benefitting agricultural producers across the region.

Read more in the Deputy Prime Minister’s media release.