National Water Grid Authority

Delivering the next generation of water infrastructure for Australia

The National Water Grid is the Australian Government’s plan for a secure water future.

With several projects already complete and more underway, the National Water Grid is building a series of region-specific water storage and distribution solutions to secure predictable supplies of water now and into the future.

The Grid will help provide water infrastructure that is tailored to the needs of our regions. It will help grow Australia’s agricultural output and build resilience in our regions.

Importantly, the National Water Grid will help unlock agricultural opportunities in new regions, especially in Australia’s north, and will increase water security in established agricultural areas.

The National Water Grid Authority (NWGA) is playing a leading role in developing Australia’s National Water Grid – the next generation of water infrastructure for Australia.

Through the 2022–23 Budget, an additional $6.9 billion over 12 years is being invested under the National Water Grid Fund, taking the total investment to $8.9 billion.

This investment in the National Water Grid Fund, plus water infrastructure investments we are making through the dedicated Regions Package, means more than $9 billion is being invested in water infrastructure, which will help build a more resilient and secure regional Australia.

Find out more in the March 2022 publication ‘Connecting the National Water Grid’ (PDF: 3.6MB).


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Fast facts

The development of the National Water Grid supports prosperity in our regions, growth in our agriculture and primary industry sectors, and a thriving national economy.

  • Did you know?

    Water underpins Australia’s agriculture and primary industry sectors, supporting more than 220,000 jobs and injecting billions into our national economy each year. By investing in water infrastructure, we are supporting these sectors well into the future, creating the conditions for resilient regional economies and growing jobs, now and into the future.

  • Did you know?

    Agriculture and primary industry sectors account for more than half of Australia’s annual demand for water. Increasing access to reliable water will help agriculture grow towards a $100 billion industry. Investing in the right infrastructure in the right places will support Australian agriculture and primary production in established areas, and help unlock agricultural production in new areas, including Australia’s north.

  • Did you know?

    The NWGA is working in partnership with Australia’s states and territories and leading science agencies to identify and prioritise nationally-important regional water infrastructure projects that benefit the agriculture and primary industry sectors. The Australian Government’s investment decisions will be guided by and developed with our partners.

What’s happening right now?

The Australian Government’s investment in the National Water Grid is well underway, with a commitment to more than 150 water infrastructure projects and business cases around Australia. These projects are already delivering benefits for regional communities, including increased water security and resilience to drought, as well as improved regional economic growth and jobs creation.

Our map provides more information.

Map of water grid projects across Australia

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